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Dave Nestler, acrylic painting instructional DVD

Dave Nestler acrylic painting instructional DVD, How to paint a pinup tutorial



Dave Nestler is well known for not just his paintings of beautiful women and his photo realistic style. But also for his mastery and control of acrylic paint. Any one who has met Dave at a convention knows that he is always willing to share information, tips and techniques on acrylic painting to anyone that is willing to listen.

Through a chance meeting at a convention in New Jersey last year, Dave was approached by the publisher/ editor of Airbrush Action Magazine. Although Dave uses no airbrush in his paintings, the groundwork was laid to produce an instructional DVD that was beneficial to not only those willing to learn about acrylic painting, but cross over tips that would benefit airbrush artists as well.

This past summer, Dave spent a week in Airbrush Action’s studios painting 10-12 hours a day for 5 days producing the painting “Armed and Fabulous”. The result is a 120 minute tutorial explaining in easy to understand details, all aspects of painting with acrylics.

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You’ll Learn:

 How to work with reference photos
 How to transfer your line art to board
 Use of double weight Cold Press Illustration board
 How to prep your surface
 Variety of brushes
 How to use a palette knife
 Different acrylic paints
 Who makes the blackest black
 How to mix paint
 How to troubleshoot acrylics
 How to prevent acrylics from drying
 Control of acrylic paint
 Wet on Dry Painting
 How to speed-dry paint
 Working in transparent layers
 The 10% rule
 How to define shapes
 Cross-hatching techniques
 How to load your brush

AND MORE!!!!!!!

A MUST for beginners and professionals