A  brand new commissioned painting featuring the return of Madame Hydra, Mary Marvel and Capt. Marvel. Go to the "Paintings" gallery and read all about it.

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November 29, 1999 5:00 PM



posted: 1-14-14... NEW Painting, "Emma Frost", you can see a larger version HERE..


posted: 12-4 -2013: NEW Painting, "Target Practice" features a cool Capt. America/ Madame Hydra commision. you can view the larger image HERE.


posted: 10-11 -2013: NEW Painting, "I can't drive 55", feat. model Samantha Smith. You can check out the full version HERE


posted: 9-18 -2013, NEW Painting: "L.A. Confidential", the third and final painting in the "Big City" series. You can read about it and view a larger image HERE.


posted: 8-12 -2013, NEW Painting: "Go Ask Alice". This image will be a limited edition cover for Zenescope Comics for the title" Alice in Wonderland" click HERE to see larger version.


posted: 3-18-2013, NEW Painting: "There's never anything good on TV". You can click HERE to see the larger version. Model: Lauren Hoffman


posted 2-27-2013: NEW painting. "What do I look like, a F***ing tour guide?" This is the second painting in a planned 3 painting city themed trilogy. model: Samantha Smith. Click here to see larger image.


posted 1-12-2013: The first half of 2013's covention schedule has been posted in "Appearances". Check it out and see which town I'll be coming to next.


posted 12-16-2012: NEW Painting, "The Unhappiest Place on Earth". You can see the full painting HERE.


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